With a lifespan of 60000 hrs & improved heat sink our highbay lamps outshine others


Tortech LED Floodlights are ideal for lighting up residential and commercial outdoor.


Built to last our T8 LED tubes are fully Approved by NSW Department of Fair TradeBuil

Welcome to Tortech Lighting

LED Wholesale

Tortech Lighting specialises in LED lighting solutions.

Our LED tubes replace conventional fluorescent  tubes
Our tubes are individually tested for 48 hours under full load and a variety of temperature conditions.
We offer 2 year guarantee.
Our products are approved and certified by the NSW Department of Fair Trading and Safety Standards CE and RoHS

LED High Bays

Tortech Lighting LED High Bays are for industrial and warehouse applications. The latest model features a compact design, improved luminescence and better heat dissipation.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are suitable for a range of outdoor applications and provide considerably more output with minimal energy consumption. View our range of LED flood lights.

LED Tubes

Tortech Lighting LED Tubes are cutting edge products in the lighting industry and are considered to be a revolutionary replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes.


Tortech LED lights have been tried and tested with numerous successful and high profile installations Australia wide:

Case Study:

Conversion of traditional metal halide lights in assembly area to 150w Led High Bay lamps.

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