We offer a full computer design facility to guarantee compliance to lightning levels requested in the Australian standards.

For most units it is 5 years Please enquire regarding your specific model number

Tortech now uses Meenwell driver with ‘H’ rating mean it is suitable for high temperature and has a 5 year guarantee.

Either Epistor or cube chips.

As a guide : normal 400MW light consume 450 watts the replaced LED high bay light consume 154watts.

As THE Tortech LED high bay lights have such low temperature characteristics the lights can be fitted near goods(unlike normal HID lights).

Tortech LED light all come with guaranteed EMC certification to prove minimum radio and electromagnetic interference.

The latest tortech LED lights offer IP65 rating. This allows installation with a water sprinkler system.

Tortech offers cool white 6500K, non-white 5500K ands warm white 4000K.

The latest Tortech Led light bays use heat pipe heat dissipation technology which optimizes the heat dissipated to the heat radiator.

For LED lights use SMD technology which means that glare from the light is minimised. Also on the next design the reflector is a matrix design which maximise the lumens out but minimise the glare.

Power factor will be >.95.

Rule of thumb: If the existing HID light is X watts rated; the LED light will be X/3.

Cost savings, consistent light, instant start, long life, maintenance free.

Heat is concern in LED fittings, that is why it has to be managed very well. Tortech incorporates heat pipe technology with heat sinks in its high bay fittings to eliminate this heat issue.

Easy. An ACP (authorized certificate provider) is able to do everything for you. We could recommend an ACP if needed.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. It is used in energy efficient lighting.

A 400W traditional light (MV, MH, HPS) consumes about 450W input power. It can be replaced by a 150W LED that consumes 154W input power. This is a savings of about 2/3 of your cost.

It is the time when the cost savings has fully paid for CAPEX. This can be around 1 year depending on customer’s energy rate and operating hours.

Energy rebate or “financial incentive” is a government grant when a customer do a lighting upgrade and energy savings has been proven. An example would be thru an LED lighting upgrade.

No. Only certified and registered LED light fittings can be used