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LED High Bay Lights

TortechLighting - the most efficient High Bay LED Lights on the market

Our LED High Bays have increased efficiency, output lumens, improved heat sink & specially designed reflector for better light angle & luminescence:

  •   Long lifespan: 60,000 hour
  •   3- 5 Year Australian warranty (depending on model)
  •   Certification: Our high bay LED lamps fully comply to Australian installation requirements
  •   Units Approved by NSW Department of Fair Trade - see approvals
  •   NSW IPART & VIC VEET approved for government scheme rebates
  •   The Tortech Lighting difference is in our LED Driver & chip and heat dissipation technology.
  •    Available with high quality CREE / Epistar chips
  •    High quality Meanwell LED Driver the most important things is that the LED Driver (not just the LEDs) lasts 60,000 hours. Our Meanwell LED Driver is Australian approved with a 5 year warranty
  •   Improved new design of our improved heat sink allows for low cooling temperature rise, 40degc increasing longevity of the fitting.
  •   Tried and tested - we have completed numerous high profile installtions see customer profile
  •   Financial savings? Calculate returns for the conversion to LEDs with our savings calculator

Click play: Features & performance of our LED High Bays:

Product performance videos see here

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80W High bay lamp

80 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 8000lm LUMENS

100W LED High Bay Lamp

100 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 10,000lm LUMENS

150W High Bay LED LAMP

154 Watts in 150 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 14,250lm LUMENS

200W LED High bay Lamp

200 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 18,000lm LUMENS

50W High Bay Lamp

52 Watts in 50 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 4500 LUMENS

120w High Bay lamp

123 Watts in 120 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 10,200 LUMENS

150w High Bay lamp

154 Watts in 150 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 13,500lm LUMENS

240w High Bay lamp

245 Watts in 240 Watts Out
Luminous flux: 20,400 LUMENS

250w High Bay lamp - Heavy Duty

Luminous flux: 23,750 LUMENS
250W Heavy Duty Industrial Special Model

Polycarbonate LED 150w

Polycarbonate LED High Bay polycarbonate means the covering is translucent – see through – ideal fo

480w High Bay lamp

502 Watts in 480 Watts out
Luminous flux: 43200 LUMENS